Twenty One Point One Years

That’s how long the average person spends sleeping across their 70 years of life (averaged worldwide). Wolfram|Alpha result: here.

That’s enough time to become an expert in 18 skills, if you spend 10,000 hours on each, and still have enough time to take two semesters in a college course. You could get a Ph.D. twice over with that much time, and have enough time left over to read 7,000 books, if you could find that many worth reading. Or perhaps to summarize: there’s enough time to play every video game ever made, get a Ph.D. in CS or Game Design, and then write your own game, and still have time left over.

Which is why sleep research started in 1913 – approximately the year when it became hypothetically possible to sit at someone’s bedside taking notes, I’m sure – and the first all-night EEG that discovered REM sleep was delayed 41 years after the first EEG.


Humanity, your rationality continues to amaze.

(Aside from Wolfram|Alpha, sourced from and Wikipedia.)


3 thoughts on “Twenty One Point One Years

    • I’m not sure that it would, if you’re referring to the Dream of Scipio. Dreams are dreams, and while modern research may dispense with dreams of horn, dreams of ivory will remain until we stop sleeping entirely.

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