General Prologue

Geoffrey Chaucer.

Well. That’s how it’s spelled. My dear mother was a bright woman with a particular love for linguistics, so certainly she intended the various consequences of giving a modern boy a Middle English pronunciation and a modern name.

In the interest of slowing the tides of /’dʒɛfri: ‘tʃɔːsər/, I’m going to start this blog. If it becomes popular enough, enough people will read this post to stop mispronouncing my name, making this not a complete waste of effort.

(For future notice: it’s /’gɑːf.ræj tʃɑ.ukʊr/.)

As a side effect, I will be able to use this blog to extoll the many-faceted virtues of those wondrous people in and out of power whose names we actually recognize.

(OOC: IPA and Great Vowel Shift from Wikipedia; Middle English from and


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